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My Favorite Things



1. camera necklaces. i guess since i have two, it’s starting to become a “collection.” The longer one I picked up about a year ago and is now rusting to perfection. The bf picked up the shorter one at Forever 21 over the weekend for only $3.80! Gotta love F21.

2. AA’s Raglan Pullovers. I live in these during the fall/winter.

3. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. ❤ ❤ ❤

4. my glasses from zennioptical in brown. Cost me about $20 shipped with lenses. Shipping is slow as hell but totally worth the wait. Don’t know why they are so cheap… I’ll let you know if I go blind in a year or so.




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Ooooh Wee.






I’m still photoshop & illustrater – less. Still need to take the macbook to the genius bar. Apple Care expires in a month. o_O I probably should back up my hard drive tomorrow. Yikes.

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Fashion Week.

erin wasson.

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via fashiongonerogue

I’m going to have to start from scratch with my Adobe problem. Laziness, you are my Mt. Everest. I should have taken in my laptop to the good people at the Genius Bar months ago.

Whilst fighting some serious withdrawal symptoms, I’m also fighting the urge to buy myself a net book. I’ve been trying to convince myself that having one might be virtually useless and the only reason I really want one is because it’s “cute.” Unsuccessfully though, so we’ll see how that goes.

Dell Mini 10

How “cute” would a Dell Mini 10 be next to my Macbook? There goes that “cute” word again. /fail. I figure I should try to wait til Christmas and see if someone loves me.  ❤

P.S I’ve been keeping up with my 365 – I just haven’t been able to edit them. So I am not cheating. Kind of.


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Learn Something Everyday

For some odd reason, my Photoshop and Illustrator just stopped.. working. Every time I tried to open the program(s), it would say it was shut down improperly and would refuse to open, so I reinstalled them and now it’s telling me the license expired. o_O It’s been Day 3 since the two have left my life and I feel oh so empty. Couldn’t touch up any of my photos and since 99% of the exams that I make for my students are created on Illustrator, they’re having a good time with this “break” I’m giving them. Soooooooo until I get this mess sorted out …

Learn Something Everyday

Learn Something Everyday

check out Learn Something Everyday where graphic artists teach by using art. I love visiting this site every day and see what they come up with. I’m thinking of printing some of these out and hanging them on my walls.

Wish me luck, I’m going to make sure I fix this problem before the weekend ends!

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Alexander Wang Leather Goods Fall 09

Alexander Wang

Want. Need.

I hate how practical the current economic situation has made me. And I say practical the way a kid might say, I don’t know, brussel sprouts.

The boyfriend: “how about jewelry? do you want something from Tiffany’s?”
Me: “Nah.. can you just get me an external hard drive instead?”

Granted I’m not the hugest fan of Tiffany’s, but the 2006 me would never turn down jewelry. No sir. I’m sad.

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