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Thank You


Thank You David, for featuring me on your 365 Days Project facebook page! David has been documenting his life with the 365 Days Project for almost 3 years now. Truly an inspiration, I can’t even manage to finish one at the moment. You can view his project here or access his facebook page here

For those who are unfamiliar with the 365 Days Project – it all started with this flickr group. It’s simple – a self portrait every day for one year.  I get a lot of questions on flickr about my awesome journey with this project, so I’m going to answer all of those questions in a future post and introduce you to some self portrait artists that never cease to amaze and inspire me daily. For those who are just picking up their cameras and do not know where to start – I highly recommend starting this project. Why? That will have to wait for another post – because I only had 3 hours of sleep and I’m thiiiiiiiis close to collapsing. =)

A Moment of Silence

A Moment of Silence

This is my most recent self portrait, a remake of Day 114.



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Forever 21


I am in dire need of a haircut and I must have stopped by the Forever 21 website at least 10 times today lusting after this model’s hair. My hair refuses to lie flat and will curl up in rage at any sight of humidity – so I’m going to have to settle for living vicariously through this lovely girl on the interweb.

On a slightly different note – I love the direction Forever 21 has been going with their overall website design. The photography on the site seems to be a better reflection on the company and what they’re about. I remember visiting the site a couple of years back thinking not everything really clicked together.  Now it just.. fits. Kudos to their marketing/advertising team. Anyone know who the photographer is? Time for some sleuthing.

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Light & Shadow

Mikael Janssonphotography by Mikael Jansson

love <3.


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Take Me Away

Day 263: Take Me Away

day 263: Take Me Away

I think fall is near. Time to bust out the hoodies.

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Dusan Reljin photography by Dusan Reljin. more here

wow. super badass. i want need these in my life.


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for the love of kate moss

katemossphotographs by peter lindbergh | Harper’s Bazaar Sept. ’94 source

This shoot made me fall in love with kate moss all over again. I know, KNOW if i cut my hair like hers i’d look like an idiot, but the woman could make you do crazy things.

I stumbled on this shoot accidently but i instantly fell in love. Makes me want to pick up my camera and start shooting at a busy street in downtown la. Maybe do a male version – same classy feel but with a modern take? Oooh the ideas are swirling in my head.


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vogue nippon 06/2009

I’m feeling a bit uninspired lately. Gotta keep the eyes open until something triggers.


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