My Favorite Things



1. camera necklaces. i guess since i have two, it’s starting to become a “collection.” The longer one I picked up about a year ago and is now rusting to perfection. The bf picked up the shorter one at Forever 21 over the weekend for only $3.80! Gotta love F21.

2. AA’s Raglan Pullovers. I live in these during the fall/winter.

3. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. ❤ ❤ ❤

4. my glasses from zennioptical in brown. Cost me about $20 shipped with lenses. Shipping is slow as hell but totally worth the wait. Don’t know why they are so cheap… I’ll let you know if I go blind in a year or so.




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5 responses to “My Favorite Things

  1. These camera necklace are unique and very fashionable. I wonder where can I buy this one.

    • sharonykim

      you can find the shorter one @ forever 21, or do a search on ebay for “camera necklaces” and you’ll find a ton of awesome ones 🙂

  2. Autumn

    Zennioptical is amazing. I got two pairs of frames there (with anti-glare lenses!) for $32, including shipping.

    Yours are extremely cute 🙂

    • sharonykim

      thanks! I go through pairs of glasses like water b/c of zenni. I think i have about 6 pairs. o_O I’m planning to put some tint on those same frames and use them as sunglasses =) have you tried that?

  3. Great site & Amazing Pix! I’m definitely Fan

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