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My resolution to blog more is failing miserably. I’ve been taking some courses these past couple of weeks and still working full time so I barely have time to breathe let alone blog.  And when I DO get a minute I find myself running away to Vegas to unwind, just to make sure I don’t go crazy.

A good friend of mine got engaged a couple of months ago and I had the honor of shooting her engagement photos. It was my first engagement session and it was raining the whole day but during a 40 minute window when the rain wasn’t so bad I was able to snap some shots of them. Congratulations you two! Wish you the best! ❤ The first photo is probably my favorite one of the bunch. 🙂

Back to studying; I have an exam and a project due tomorrow. -_-



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life through instagram.

Some snippets from my life on instagram. /as always, you can click on the photo to view larger 🙂

Happy new year of photography! Here’s to capturing more moments in 2012. 2011 photo recap post coming soon!

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I’m in Arizona for the weekend, and time is flying by. Saw R3HAB last night, and tested out the camera on my 4s. This thing is amazing.

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This photo was featured on Photo Argus under 16 Striking Examples of Portrait Photography. Thank you, PhotoArgus, for including my photo!


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Welcome to the City of Sin

I’m sure I say this all the time but I really needed this vacation. Spent the four nights in company of good friends and great music and I couldn’t be happier! Here are some photos of some DJs that I got to see last weekend, all at Marquee in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Excuse the blurry photographs – they were all taken with my phone and it doesn’t perform the best in low light situations.

Marquee @ the Cosmopolitan

Dash Berlin

Erick Morillo


Kaskade! By far my favorite set of the weekend 🙂

That’s my weekend in a nutshell.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

xo Sharon

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What Happens in Vegas..

Just got back from Vegas, and I am so. incredibly. exhausted. But ohmygawd I had the time of my life.  Here’s a little preview of my weekend – I’ll post up the rest of the pictures later.  For now, I’m going to catch up on my RSS feeds, all the shows I missed the last 4 nights I was gone, and catch up on some zzzz!



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Recently I discovered photographer Dylan Forsberg and fell in love with his work. Here are some photos from his blog that I particularly enjoyed..

I love his use of natural light. I also love how raw his images are. Nothing crazy fancy, it is what it is and I enjoy that. All of these photos make me wonder what they are thinking, and when that happens, to me, that photo becomes important. If you can take a photo has the ability to make someone stop and think for just one second, then you’ve created a photo with impact.

Saying farewell with a quick photobooth creation – I’m headed to Vegas for the next couple of days!  I was there 3 months ago; why does it feel like it’s been forever? Will be back with some pictures. Have a great weekend!

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