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In search of…

the perfect red lipstick. my goal this year is to wear it out at least once – i just haven’t found the right one yet. 😉 after messing around with photoshop, i’m thinking it’d be nice if it had a slight orange tint to it.  make-up people! help me out! i need suggestions. lol.


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in the frame.

took a break and perused through flickr to enjoy some black and white goodness.  i’m trying to get into the habit of picking 2-3 images a day that inspire me. =)

oh! and i finally have my new PC set up (i’ve been using my macbook for so long i almost forgot how to use one) and i FINALLY have photoshop/illustrator installed.  i’m predicting long, endless nights ahead.

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Rainy Days

As happy as I am that the rain is gone – (we’ve had 5 straight days of crazy thunderstorms and hail) one thing i’ll miss most is driving with the rain pouring down listening to some music. I don’t know what it is – but this song sounds so much better when it’s pouring outside.


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Trying to decide if these frames will make me look retarded… I’m probably going to end up caving in anyways. Can’t go wrong with $9.95!

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The Year of Change.

2010 started out horribly – but I feel like it’s turning around a bit. I interviewed for a designer position in LA and I’m crossing my fingers – they have a full studio there and I’m hoping I could utilize it somehow. The commute is going to be a MAJOR pain in the ass (it took me an hour to drive there WITHOUT traffic) so I have to find some way to move out there. EEEEk. I made a solemn vow to myself that I’d make something happen for myself (photography wise) this year – so wish me luck! There’s nothing more common than an unsuccessful man with talent – I do not want to be hidden in the masses.

Anyway, Happy New Year! Let’s make 2010 LEGENDARY.

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