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Recently I discovered photographer Dylan Forsberg and fell in love with his work. Here are some photos from his blog that I particularly enjoyed..

I love his use of natural light. I also love how raw his images are. Nothing crazy fancy, it is what it is and I enjoy that. All of these photos make me wonder what they are thinking, and when that happens, to me, that photo becomes important. If you can take a photo has the ability to make someone stop and think for just one second, then you’ve created a photo with impact.

Saying farewell with a quick photobooth creation – I’m headed to Vegas for the next couple of days!  I was there 3 months ago; why does it feel like it’s been forever? Will be back with some pictures. Have a great weekend!


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Testing Testing

Super diggin’ overexposed photos these days.. probably because my Panasonic point and shoot does so without fail. Maybe something about working with something that failed that titillates me.  This is day298ofmy365daysprojectthatseemstotakethecourseofthreeyearsproject. Tis okay, I make my own rules. And abide by them. :]


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i feel strangely at ease these days. i don’t know what it is – but even though everything sucks (really, really, bad) i just get this weird feeling that everything’s gonna be okay. things are also rapidly changing around me; and usually i’m suuuuuper uncomfortable with change. i try to avoid it, if at all possible. but i’m rollin’ with it these days and it’s actually quite exciting! maybe i’m finally growing up. anyway, since i feel super bad ass and i have photoshop back (yay!) i felt a self portrait was in order to reflect how i feel.

i should post up a picture of my ghetto light set up one of these days.  i use it so often that i don’t really know how to do much else. 🙂

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Artist’s Rendition

The cool thing about Flickr is that you get connected with artists from all over the world. And sometimes – people are kind enough to do cool renditions of your work. =) Here’s one i got recently –

My version:


Kami’s version:


More of his work can be seen on his Flickr here Thanks, Kami for  your awesomeness. ❤

Totally neglected this blog for awhile. Life has been.. interesting the past couple of weeks and the dust is finally  settling.  I think.

& where did october go? It’s already Halloween next weekend and I have yet to decide on where I’m going and what I’m going as. I curse myself for waiting til the very last minute.

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Take Me Away

Day 263: Take Me Away

day 263: Take Me Away

I think fall is near. Time to bust out the hoodies.

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