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My resolution to blog more is failing miserably. I’ve been taking some courses these past couple of weeks and still working full time so I barely have time to breathe let alone blog.  And when I DO get a minute I find myself running away to Vegas to unwind, just to make sure I don’t go crazy.

A good friend of mine got engaged a couple of months ago and I had the honor of shooting her engagement photos. It was my first engagement session and it was raining the whole day but during a 40 minute window when the rain wasn’t so bad I was able to snap some shots of them. Congratulations you two! Wish you the best! ❤ The first photo is probably my favorite one of the bunch. 🙂

Back to studying; I have an exam and a project due tomorrow. -_-



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Mobile Diaries / 2 of 2

top to bottom, left to right. 

1. EDC Las Vegas / June 2011
2. A super dirty car, filled with trash / somewhere in the OC
3. Women’s bathroom sign / wish I could remember where
4. Self portrait / taken for my 365 project
5. Stickers on the street / Los Angeles
6. Simba / @ 2 months old. now he’s a giant beast.
7. View of downtown LA / taken while driving. probably not a good idea.



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Mobile Diaries / 1 of 2

I moved all of my photos on my phone to my laptop the other day.  I was flipping (scrolling?) through them and was so thankful that I snapped some of these; they are a visual reminder of some of the things that I’ve done this past year and it was fun to look back.  Here are some of ’em!

clockwise, from left. 

1. Tinie Tempah / February 2, 2011 / Hollywood, CA
2. Avicii / April 22, 2011 / Hollywood, CA
3. Husky puppies @ 1 mo. / March 16, 2011 / Fullerton, CA
4. View of downtown LA / January 16, 2011 / Los Angeles, CA
5. Spencer & Hill / March 20, 2011 / Hollywood, CA
6. Doodling @ work / May 25, 2011 / Fullerton, CA
7. Self portrait / April 14, 2011 / Downtown Fullerton, CA

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2010 in Pictures

2010 was such a great year for me – I met so many incredible people who are now very dear to me, got to shoot a bunch of cool (and sometimes weird) stuff, attended so many awesome music festivals, (OMG EDC.) had my first show, met someone who I care for more than I thought possible, and lastly, fell in love over and over with the city of LA and all it has to offer. SO excited for what the next year will bring – maybe a big move in the works? I’ve been in LA for the past 20 years and while I loved every minute of it, I feel like it’s time to move on.  I want to work hard and make this happen- and hopefully next time this year I’ll be in London, UK! 😀 Happy New Year! xx


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LA Fashion District

dirty dogs.toys.fake everything.jewelry.people yelling in your ear. always fun to walk around the fashion district. 😀

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I found you, finally.

spent sunday afternoon perusing the fairfax flea market. totally bonded with a lady from Uzbekistan + she gave me a fat discount on those rings. score.  added another camera necklace to my collection. ps – totally in love with my los angeles necklace.

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Another night out; another rooftop.

what is it about downtown la’s skyline that I find so fascinating? I must have a shot of it from every angle possible. It sounds a little cheesy, but whenever I see the bright lights at night  it makes me feel hopeful.  It makes me dream big dreams.

One of these days, I’m going to get “THE” perfect shot and print it out poster-size to hang in my room. YESSSSSS. 😉

To live and thrive in LA.

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