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Mobile Diaries / 1 of 2

I moved all of my photos on my phone to my laptop the other day.  I was flipping (scrolling?) through them and was so thankful that I snapped some of these; they are a visual reminder of some of the things that I’ve done this past year and it was fun to look back.  Here are some of ’em!

clockwise, from left. 

1. Tinie Tempah / February 2, 2011 / Hollywood, CA
2. Avicii / April 22, 2011 / Hollywood, CA
3. Husky puppies @ 1 mo. / March 16, 2011 / Fullerton, CA
4. View of downtown LA / January 16, 2011 / Los Angeles, CA
5. Spencer & Hill / March 20, 2011 / Hollywood, CA
6. Doodling @ work / May 25, 2011 / Fullerton, CA
7. Self portrait / April 14, 2011 / Downtown Fullerton, CA


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who needs a gym membership when you can just shake your tail for two hours to AWESOME music? ❤ i must’ve burned a jillion calories that night.

image courtesy of cobrasnake.


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Steve Angello

Went to go see Steve Angello spin in Hollywood this past Saturday. I’m a huuuuuuge fan of his so I had the time of my life. =) He spun from 1-6AM… and it was packed the entire time. Can’t wait to go see him again in June! Some pics from the event – getting good pictures from my point and shoot is quite a challenge but it makes things a lot more interesting.

This month has been CRAZY. But a good crazy. the kind that puts a big smile on your face when you look back at it. Hoping May comes with more adventures –

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Calvin Harris

If you haven’t heard the goodness that is Calvin Harris, you need to listen to some of his stuff pronto. It has this giddy, electro pop feel that I love and it doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty to look at either. =) I’d recommend starting off with I’m Not Alone and Flashback is one of my favorite tracks on the album right now. Actually, the whole album is good, just listen to it. Trust me.

I had a chance to go to his DJ set @ Avalon in Hollywood this past Saturday. I was super excited that he’d be in the US so early on in the year, because I believe he only performs in the US maybe about 3 times a year?  I was too busy trying to take pictures with my crappy Panasonic point & shoot to really pay attention  – but I loved every moment of it! I’m going to try to see more live performances this year because music is what inspires me the most. I grew up waking up to music and falling asleep to it (my father was a musician) so it has always had a big impact on my life. I’m excited! Maybe I should get a new point and shoot too – it is NO good in those low light situations.

Anyway – the last couple of months have been a little wonky for me  – I’m going through this weird transitional phase and focusing on the wrong stuff certainly did not help the situation. I’m hoping I’m finally awake and focusing on what really matters, and I have all these fun ideas that I hope to execute. So wish me luck, because I’m going to try my ass off to execute. I suck at executing.

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