I just realized it’s been well over a month since my last blog post. I also realized that that is not acceptable. 🙂 Things have been a little slow on the photography front, and the only reason for that is simply that I have not been shooting. I guess I could blame it on being uninspired, or busy, or whatever, but at the end of the day the result is the same. So with that note, I’m going to concentrate on shooting more.  I’ve been working (well, I can’t really say I, because someone else has been hard at work and I’ve just been nodding my head and saying YES YES that’s good mmhmmm) on my website and I desperately need to beef up my portfolio. So I’m going to get started on that. Mmmhmmm.

My sad excuse for a tripod broke a couple of days ago, and two days later a brand new AWESOME one landed on my doorstep.  A gift from a verrry special person.  So this post is dedicated to you.  Thank you for constantly pushing me to be better. <999999

sure beats my cruddy plastic one :))))))


I went to the Nocturnal Festival late last month and had an awesome time. I always looooove seeing Steve Angello spin. Guy is a musical genius. Some pictures from the event..


Wish me luck on this whole time management thing… I intend to make the most out of every free hour that I have. 🙂


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